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Are you a customer of Citibank? If you are setting up automatic payments for a new service, you will generally be asked for two things: your Citibank routing number and your Citibank account number.

If you need to find the right number for your state fast, then check out the chart below. If you would like to learn more about bank routing numbers of the Citibank, please skip past the chart to read our little guide and FAQ. There you will find the most important information you need to know. If you have additional question, you can comment also below and we will try to answer it to to the best of our knowledge.

The following table will give you an overview of the routing number you may use, when you have opened a citibank account located in the mentioned region. For incoming wires the routing number can be a different one, the same goes for some branches. So make sure to pick the right one..

Citibank Routing Numbers By The Location Where Account Was Opened

wdt_ID Location where Account was opened Routing Number Notice
1 Northern California 321171184 Including San Francisco & Central
2 Southern California 322271724 Including Los Angeles & San Diego
3 Connecticut 221172610
4 Delaware 21272655
5 Florida 266086554
6 Florida 67004764 For incoming wires
7 Illinois 271070801
8 Maryland 52002166
9 Maryland 254070116 For incoming wires
10 Massachusetts 221172610

The next table will give you the overview of all the routing numbers of Citibank.

Citibank Routing Numbers Overview

If you are not sure what ABA you have, you can call 1-800-374-9700.

What Is the Citibank Routing Number?

It is also known as the “routing transfer number” or “ABA number” for Citibank. It is simply a string of nine digits which identifies Citibank as an institution. All banks and credit unions have routing numbers like these.

Where to Find the Routing Transfer Number of Citibank?

Citibank Routing Number

There are a few ways how you can find the particular number for your check:

  • Grab your checkbook and flip to any check. Look in the lower left corner. There you will see a nine-digit number. This is your Citibank routing transfer number.The other one beside it is your account number. The one on the far right is the check number.
  • Don’t have any paper checks? If you happen to have written one anytime in the most recent 18 months, then you can log into your Citibank online bank account and look up an image of the check. Here you can find the same Citibank routing number in the lower left-hand corner.
  • You can head to this page on Citibank’s website. All the routing transfer numbers are listed here.
  • Or just scroll back up to the top of this page and check our convenient chart to find the routing number for each particular location of Citibank.

What You Can Do With the Citibank Routing Number?

Your Citibank routing number is useful for a variety of transactions. It is of course used on your checks. But it also is necessary if you want to set up a wire transfer or an automatic clearing house (ACH) transaction. Some of these include:

  • Automatic payments of your bills
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Direct deposit of your paychecks
  • E-checks
  • Electronic tax payments

Because your Citibank routing number is useful for so many things, you should keep it handy with you at all times.


Q: Is the Citibank routing number always the same as the ABA?

A: Yes. Citibank uses these two terms interchangeably. Once you know your routing number, you know your ABA, and vice versa.

Q: What is the SWIFT of Citibank and for what it is used?

SWIFT is short for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication” and is needed for an international wire transfer to identify your bank. Normally the SWIFT code contains the information of the country, particular bank and sometimes a financial center.

For Citibank the SWIFT is: CITIUS33

Q: How many digits are in the Citibank routing number?

A: There are always nine digits in any routing number.

Q: Is there only one Citibank routing number?

A: No. There are quite a few different Citibank routing numbers (see below).

Q: Do Citibank routing numbers vary by state?

A: Yes, they do. You can find a full list here, or you can check our table above. So whether you are wondering “What is Citibank routing number in Florida?” or “What is Citibank routing number in Illinois?” you are covered.

Q: My state has more than one routing number. Which do I use?

A: That depends on which branch you are using. For example, there are two different Citibank routing numbers for the state of Florida. Use the one which is appropriate for your bank branch. This information is listed at the link above and in our chart.

Q: How do I receive an international wire transfer using Citibank routing numbers?

A: Any time you have an incoming international wire transfer, you need to have the sender include both the routing number for your specific branch and the routing number for New York, which is 021000089.

Q. What is the bank routing number of “CITIBANK /FLORIDA/ BR”? There are 2 different branches with different addresses.

A: The old routing numbers

067011993 for Florida / BR at 8750 DORAL BLVD  MIAMI and

067007156 for Florida / BR at 1190 S DIXIE HWY  CORAL GABLES

have changed. They now have both the routing number 067004764.

More About Citibank

Don’t have an account yet with Citibank? Citibank is headquartered in New York and operates more than 2,600 branches throughout the United States and 18 other countries. With its motto, “Citi never sleeps,” Citibank’s rich suite of online banking features is available to customers 24/7 to help them manage their finances. Along with savings and checking accounts, Citibank offers credit cards, commercial loans, personal loans, mortgages, and lines of credit.

Conclusion: With Your Citibank Routing Number, You Can Set Up Automatic Payments, Receive Direct Deposits, and More

Now you know how to find the Citibank routing number, what you can do with it, and even some specifics concerning wire transfers and different bank branches in states with multiple ABA numbers. If you liked our information please consider to share this article. And if you need more information please comment below.

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