Regions Bank Routing Number: What You Need to Know

regions bank routing numbers

If you are a Regions Bank customer, you need to have these two things – a Regions Bank routing number and a Regions account number.

The question is, what is a Regions Bank routing number? Like any other bank, the Regions routing number serves as the bank’s identity in a transaction. This numerical code is required for direct deposits, wire transfers, electronic payments, and more. This system is also known as ABA number, ACH number, RTN or routing transit number.

New clients of Regions Bank want to know how to find their routing numbers. In this post, we will tell you where you can find this code, as well as the account number.

How to Find My Regions Routing Number?

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Regions routing is a nine-digit code located in the lower left corner of your deposit slip or check. As mentioned earlier, this numerical system serves as the bank’s identification. That way, the government can monitor the transaction. Richt next to it you can find the account number followed by the check number.

Even though customers use Region’s name as their financial institution, this does not mean that they all use the same Regions Bank routing number. This code differs from one state to another. Listed below are the states in the US and their Regions Bank routing numbers:

State Routing/Transit Number
Alabama (AL) 062000019
Arkansas (AR) 082000109
Florida (FL) 063104668
Georgia (GA) 061101375
Illinois (IL) 071122661
Indiana (IN) 074014213
Iowa (IA) 073900438
Kentucky (KY) 083901744
Louisiana (LA) 065403626
Mississippi (MS) 065305436
Missouri (MO) 081001387
North Carolina (NC) 053012029
South Carolina (SC) 053201814
Tennessee (TN) 064000017
Texas (TX) 111900785
Virginia (VA) 051009296

There are also other ways to know the routing number of Regions Bank in your area. You can take advantage of the Internet to find out the Regions Bank routing number in your location. Just localize your keyword to get the accurate and specific code.

You can also use their website. You can go to their FAQs section as it is where we list the states and their corresponding routing numbers.

What Is a Wire Transfer and Why Do You Need a Routing Number?

As mentioned earlier, a wire transfer needs the Regions Bank routing number. A wire transfer is an electronic transaction of funds from one financial institution to another. You must provide the money transfer service with the sender’s routing number of Regions checking and bank account numbers to ensure that you receive the money in your bank account.

The question is, how to find Regions Bank account number? To find out where the account number is located, you need to take a look at your check. Like the routing number for Regions Bank, the Regions Bank account number is located on the lower left side of the cheque.

The Regions Bank account number is next to the Regions Bank routing number. This code has typically ten digits, but some have 12. This bank code serves as a personal bank account information.

How to Send Funds Through a Wire Transfer?

Wire transfer uses two Regions Bank routing number sets. The first code is for international transactions, while the second one is for domestic wire transfers.

If you send money abroad, you need to use this routing number: UPNBUS44.  However, if you transfer money within the country, you need to use this Regions Bank wiring routing number: 062005690.

Of course, sending funds through a wire transaction is not free. To find out how much you need to pay for each money transfer you make, you need to look at the Regions Pricing Schedule. It gives you information about deposit fees and other details about transferring money.

About Regions Bank

Regions Financial Corporation, commonly known as Regions Bank, is a banking service established in Birmingham, Alabama. The bank operates nearly 2,000 automated teller machines and more than 1,500 branches in 16 states in Southern and Midwestern parts of the US. Moreover, Regions is the only Alabama company to become a member of Fortune 500. It is also one of the giant corporations in the country.

Services Provided by the Regions Bank

Aside from banking services, the firm offers loans, insurance, and more if you can also provide a Regions Bank routing number.

Their banking services offer commercial and retail banking, allowing budding entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Meanwhile, the loan service will enable you to get your dream house. Additionally, the company provides student loans for struggling students who require financial assistance while in college.

They also have insurance products and asset management protection that ensure the welfare not only of yourself but your family as well.

Regions Bank also has an online banking where you can do all of your online transactions. You only need to provide the required information, as well as your Regions Bank routing number to start your trade.

Regions Bank Operating Hours

Despite the popularity of online banking, some people prefer to visit the bank to apply for a loan, transfer funds, create an account, and so on. If you are one of the few people who want to go to the bank, you need to know their operating hours.

Although Regions Bank has over 1,500 branches in Southern and Midwestern America, most of them comply with the same working hours. To guide you when you need to visit the bank, you need to keep in mind the following schedules:

Day Operating Hours
Monday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Tuesday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Thursday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Regions Bank Drive Thru

The Regions Bank has a drive-thru service. The purpose of this department is to help their clients get the services they need, even when they are in a hurry. That way, customers do not have to leave their cars whenever they need to drop by our bank.

Regions Bank Drive-Thru Service opens an hour earlier than the bank and closes an hour later. This operating hour helps more clients.

However, drive-thrus and branches are closed during the holidays. Therefore, you better prepare the requirements like the Regions Bank routing number before the holiday break so that you can enjoy the vacation, as well.


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